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New Year, New Website, New Blog, New Team..

Updated: Feb 9, 2018

Thanks for checking out the new site! I needed a spot where all my work was in one spot! I moved my blog to just keep everything organized! I know a missed an entire calendar year -- not really sure what happened there--maybe a case of the post olympics blues or something! Well I'm up and running and motivated to keep my posts up to date (as often as internet allows)

First up--New team activities for 2018! I will continue with our Canadian National MTB Cross Country team travelling to Commonwealth Games, and World Cups, but I've also added a second team--The Rocky Mountain-Race Face Enduro Team. It's a non-olympic non-UCI (for now) discipline of mountain biking. We have a dream team of athletes and staff and I had to say YES to the opportunity to also get to take on the manager role with this crew! You can see my race schedule for 2018 season in the "MTB Teams" section of the website!

Check out the Team Press Release here

Familiar Faces--Mechanics Jeff Hunter and Adam Trotter. Photo Credit: Paris Gore

Team Shot: Adam, ALN, Remi, Jeff, Jesse Photo Credit: Paris Gore

Just a cool riding pic Photo Credit: Paris Gore

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