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Commonwealth Games 2018

I can't quite put on my finger on it, but these games were different. Maybe it was the fact that I was working with 3 programs (track, road,mtb), or maybe there was just less pressure surrounding results, or maybe it was just the atmosphere in Australia, or the integration of the para sports, or a combination of these things plus many other factors. Having been my 5th multi sport games, you get comfortable with what to expect, but as per usual--it never is.The accommodation was great (despite the fact I moved 3 times within the village), the food was impressive, and I definitely appreciated both the smoothie and coffee bar. Having to juggle and work with 3 different cycling teams was challenging at times, but in the end it all worked out! No crashes or injuries within our group of athletes (this is a huge win in my books). It was a really cool experience get to work at the Velodrome--although I could have done without the late nights (home after midnight some nights) I walked away having learned a thing or two--and got to meet a fabulous group of new people. The trackies brought home 2 bronze medals in both the women's and men's team pursuit. The mountain bike venue was tucked in a residential zone wrapped amongst an old outdoor velodrome. Super cool! We only had 3 athletes, and ~15 total on the start line, which is a major contrast compared to World Cup racing. Haley Smith had an incredible ride and finished with a Bronze as well. Emily and Dre also both had great performances--landing just off the podium. After track and mtb finished up--it was onto the road race. Our track riders also did the road race, none of which had been prepping for this event has their track season has just ended. They all stayed on their bikes, and did what they could! No podiums--but everyone in one piece getting onto the plane is pretty golden. Home now and prepping for my Euro trip!

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