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Physio Bike Fitting 

Why a Physio Bike Fit 

Tara’s extensive experience with cyclists and her  depth of knowledge with how the body works, moves, and functions on the bike, combined with the use of the advanced 3D motion capture technology guarantees to provide a bike fit that will work to meet the rider’s goals whether it is performance based or pain free riding.

Each fit session will begin with a discussion of the rider’s goals and history, followed by a thorough biomechanical assessment of the body off the bike. We will then use the 3D technology to capture images while the rider rides through various levels of intensity. Adjustments will be made as necessary based on live feedback, as well as education related to aspects that may be contributing to pain/injury. 

Retul Bike Fitting 

Retül technology is a cycling-specific motion-capture bike fitting system designed to provide qualified bike fitters highly accurate and comprehensive bike fit data. The system incorporates three-dimensional measurement, immediate report capability, and a millimeter-specific digitizing tool to provide the most accurate dynamic fitting solution in the industry. 

The goal of Retül technology is to assist bike fitters in making objective and accurate fit decisions, as a proper bike fit is one of the single most important factors for optimal performance and efficiency, injury prevention, and comfort on the bike.

A proper bike fit will not only provide a rider with the most economic means of expending energy, but will also prevent pain that is common in the knee, hip, and lower back, particularly with riders who are trying to adapt their bodies to the bike they already have purchased.


The Retül system reads the rider’s movements while they are in motion on the bike, and accounts for all three planes of movement (3D). This type of data cannot accurately be captured with 2D video, static fitting, or eyeball fitting. The Retül system eliminates the guesswork and assumptive nature of bike fit. The result is that the rider will have a true fit to his or her bike, maximizing efficiency and performance while avoiding discomfort or injury.

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My Approach

MTB Teams 

Tara's passion is working in Sport, and over the last twenty years she has been working within the cycling industry. Starting off with the Ontario provincial road team, she then worked as the head therapist with Cycling Canada's National  Team, and supported them over three Summer Olympic Games. She is currently  working with  Professional Enduro and Downhill Racing Teams

2023 Race Schedule coming soon...

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